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Model BC5200 Low Profile Belt Conveyor

The ACE Model BC5200 low profile belt conveyor is an extruded aluminum belt conveyor system that provides flexibility in handling a variety of products. This unit uses modern brushless AC motor technology with an available "plug-in" AC variable speed controller.


How does it work?

Parts are placed onto the Model BC5200 or simply received from an adjacent conveyor. The parts will usually convey (travel) toward the drive motor (pulling the belt), but on very short conveyors (and in special applications), the drive may “push” the belt. Some conveyors are continuous running and may be used to transport or accumulate parts (parts back up, while the belt slips beneath the parts), while other conveyors index, meaning they start and stop for every part placed onto the conveyor.

  • This photo shows an integrated Model BC5200 belt conveyor with a 10mm nose bar tail, adjustable guide rail and an end drive.
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  • This photo shows a Model BC5200 belt conveyor with heavy duty end drive and a 10mm nose bar tail assembly. An accumulation belt and AC Variable Speed drive are also featured.
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  • This photo shows a Model BC5200 belt conveyor Super Heavy Parallel end drive. This drive features a steel mounting plate, timing belt drive and urethane lagged drive pulley (guard shown removed). The slider bed shown accommodates a V-guided conveyor belt.
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  • This photo shows a Model BC5200 Caster support with docking feature. A simple hand knob operated shaft and a self-aligning bearing coupled with a female in-floor anchor provide repeatable docking for conveyors that need to be removed and placed back into location.
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  • This photo shows a Model BC5200 belt conveyor with a turning wheel (white plastic disc). The turning wheel aids product transferring 90 degrees from one belt to another.
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  • This photo shows a Model BC5200 belt conveyor with a green accumulation belt, a heavy duty end drive and fixed floor supports.
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  • Ladder frame provides minimal flex, great for portable applications
  • AC brushless motor results in reduced maintenance, no brush replacement
  • Timing belt drive offers low maintenance


  • Low profile design uses 52mm pulleys
  • Ladder frame construction on all but 80mm width
  • AC brushless motor technology 230/460 Volt/3-phase
  • Timing belt drives


  • Center drive
  • Fixed 10mm nose bar for tight transfers
  • Rolling 19mm nose roller for tight transfers
  • Fixed or adjustable guide rail
  • AC variable speed controller for 120 VAC operation
  • Caster supports
  • Special belting